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Amy Wright's essays think about 'land' first as the thing to which thinking belongs: the place without which one cannot be, much less begin to think. Land is between the noun and the verb: something which is arrived-to, lived-on, and also that which is arriving to us. 'Where' is the question these essays ask, and they answer it variably: city, museum, room, book, the changing landscapes of loss.

Laressa Dickey, author of BOTTOMLAND, writes that this is "a four-sided prism of Wright’s reach, her scope. Part poetic prose, part explication, part memoir, part translation of forms—a meditation on the relationships between art and property, art and death, art in direct contact with our intimates: helplessness, loss, desire. Wright tells it best: this text 'inhabits that valley where Malpractice, Illuminata, and Quiver drink from one mouth a stream of flowing water.' This book touches the sub-subconscious and its underbelly of grief with vibrant sentences that may suddenly wind together, inhale, and fly away from you, Reader. Here are movements of a poetic, hard-working mind."

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32 pp.
Covers printed on Rives BFK by Foxglove Press in Temple, ME
Inners printed by Alfabet Drukkerij in Ghent, Belgium
Hand-bound by MIEL
Bound with a paper band
Edition of 130, numbered

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