• Image of TERRANE | Megan M. Garr
  • Image of TERRANE | Megan M. Garr
  • Image of TERRANE | Megan M. Garr

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Megan M. Garr's Terrane (28 pp., February 2015), evokes the in-between experience of migration. In collected shards of narrative and image, Garr's long poem scatters us in space both stellar and terrestrial, reminding us from the very beginning not to forget "the radiant dust" that precedes and imbues our lives on earth. In this attempt to recognize and to name the world as a purposely unfamiliar place, Garr creates a terrain all her own—but one that is open to our traversal.

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Tony Mancus writes of Terrane that "Garr’s language is instructive and reflective, yet it never feels quite like either of these things. The coin with three sides, a warning and a welcome and a wave goodbye. Here the land cannot be claimed, but it stands before us—an echo of itself. It bears us, but “It is a | greatness | we can | hardly bear.” In moving through Terrane, our collective fear fuses to the face of the thing it rests on. We are here. We will be left. The dust will take all our shapes with it."

28 pp.
11 x 17 cm
staple-bound & wrapped in a paper band
printed & bound in Nottingham, UK, by Tompkin Press Co., Ltd.

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