• Image of HAND/MADE | Lisa Solomon
  • Image of HAND/MADE | Lisa Solomon
  • Image of HAND/MADE | Lisa Solomon

"I started to realize there are certain aspects of 'handmade' that are in my DNA. It's how I think and operate and look at the world. I want things made by hand around me. I value them."

- Lisa Solomon, in a 2012 interview with Carol Rowntree Jones

* * *

Hand/Made, a monograph of Bay-area artist Lisa Solomon's mixed-media work, showcases Solomon's attention to the detail and texture of the everyday, and to the feminine as it erupts into that dailyness. Invoking histories both personal and wider, Solomon demonstrates the effect that the smallest things can have. Solomon incorporates thread (alone and as crochet) into drawings and installations, materially bridging craft and fine art, and bringing concerns with domesticity and women's stories to the fore.

Fifty copies are available with an original relief print, embroidered, signed, and numbered by Lisa Solomon. The prints are just smaller than A5 (14 x 21 cm or 5.5 x 8.5 in.).

* * *

Approx. 70 pp.
Full color
Soft-bound, stitched and glued
Printed vellum slipjacket
Paper band

300 numbered copies, of which fifty in a reserve edition to be sold with an original print by the artist.

Essay by Marshall Astor
Writing by JoAnne Northrup
Interview by Carol Rowntree Jones
With an introduction by Éireann Lorsung

* * *

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For more information about Lisa Solomon and her work, please see http://www.lisasolomon.com/