• Image of 111O/5 | the postcards issue
  • Image of 111O/5 | the postcards issue
  • Image of 111O/5 | the postcards issue

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111O is our literary magazine, published twice a year (fall and spring). Each issue usually contains one photograph or print, one piece of prose, and ten poems in a slim volume with a die-cut cover.

This time, though, we decided to do something different. We asked 23 artists and photographers to lend us a piece of their work, and invited 23 writers to respond to those images. Each image, paired with its text, will be printed on a heavy postcard. (There's space on the back for an address and a stamp—so yes, you can even send them.) We're calling this issue 11111111111111
11111. Or 111O/5, for short.

In 111O/5, you'll find writing by Nick Flynn, Juliana Spahr, Matt Bell, Roxane Gay, Jon McGregor, Arlene Kim, TJ Jarrett, Amber Sparks, Ali Gharavi, Vanessa Ramos, Steve Himmer, Rachel Moritz, Mensah Demary, Metta Sáma, Matthew Welton, Laressa Dickey, Shana Youngdahl, Carol Rowntree Jones, Hannah VanderHart, James Cihlar, Valerie Wetlaufer, Neele Dellschaft, and Polly Atkin.

So pleased to be able to bring the work of these writers together—and to assemble some past contributors on our pages again.

111O/5 also features work by visual artists and photographers, including Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Ilse Weisfelt, Marion de Man, Ben Terrett, Shari Altman, Heather Smith Jones, Wil Freeborn, Helena de la Guardia, Ivan deBoom, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Mónica Naranjo Uribe, Elsa Mora, Yuko Matsui, Lisa Congdon, Brian Aldrich, Lisa Solomon, Cathy Cullis, Kathryn Clark, Marie-Klara González, Leo & Pipo, Éireann Lorsung, Amy Friend, and Camilla Engman.

Featured here are a partial glimpse of a card featuring Lisa Congdon's illustration and Jon McGregor's writing, and the whole front of the card with Ivan deBoom's photograph and part of Carol Rowntree Jones' poem.

11 x 15 cm
23 cards
Paper band
Edition of 200

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