• Image of WINTER/WINDOWS | Shana Youngdahl
  • Image of WINTER/WINDOWS | Shana Youngdahl
  • Image of WINTER/WINDOWS | Shana Youngdahl

With spare grace, Shana Youngdahl writes about motherhood, responsibility, and the bonds that join us to what surrounds us.

* * *

"Somewhere, bats are dying, and a little girl holds her baby sister for the first time. Snowmen and colonies cave. A heartbeat ripples across a screen.

"In WINTER/WINDOWS, Shana Youngdahl negotiates the tremulous line between living and dying with the fierceness of a mother who has witnessed the miracle and certain tragedy of bringing life into this world. These are precise, searching poems, aching for answers and relief.

"Youngdahl’s poems exhort daughters and readers to prevail against a life that ends, suspended in cold and behind glass. Here, windows are at once conduits and barriers, and Youngdahl promises that if 'you break through, / you are welcome,' but guarantees neither safety nor success."

—Sarah Suksiri

* * *

Chapbook, 24 pp.
150mm x 150 mm
Publication date 16 September 2013
ISBN 978-0-9571859-9-9

Numbered edition of 100 with deep blue cover with stars and bat; printed inside cover — €9

Numbered edition of 50 with blue handmade paper cover and printed vellum jacket — €15

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