• Image of LE ANIMAL & OTHER CREATURES | Metta Sáma
  • Image of LE ANIMAL & OTHER CREATURES | Metta Sáma
  • Image of LE ANIMAL & OTHER CREATURES | Metta Sáma

Le Animal & Other Creatures is, first of all, a tender, ferocious inquiry into the ways that one thing is delineated from another: prose from poetry, speech from writing, female from male, north from south, black from white. It is a book about boundaries and borders, about in-betweenness, about insistence, about race and genre, about gender and power. It's about desire and compassion. Metta Sáma is an incredible writer. Her texts are precise and deeply funny and they refuse to not be what they are, clearly, integrally, without losing their insistence on the indeterminate, unknowable, specific self.

Ching-In Chen writes, "In Le Animal & Other Creatures, Metta Sáma pushes the reader to look through the eyelids… to throw a shadow from a different vantage point… to breathe roughly amidst the other creatures. By deftly constructing a journey through scraps of conversations, internal monologues and poetry, Sáma reveals the internal and external dramas recorded by an ear and eye tuned to the minute and the subversive."

48 pp, full color throughout.
Printed in Ghent, Belgium, by Alfabet Drukkerij.
Wrapped in a paper band.
Edition of 150.

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