• Image of COMPANIONS, CORPS OF DISCOVERY | Laressa Dickey
  • Image of COMPANIONS, CORPS OF DISCOVERY | Laressa Dickey
  • Image of COMPANIONS, CORPS OF DISCOVERY | Laressa Dickey

Here are poems of discovery: the discovery of the body, of the history of one’s family. Through the bewildering spaces of the unknown wanders “the memory of flight”; it is this memory which sustains Laressa Dickey’s speaker as she traverses land memorial and actual.

The “edge of civilization” in these poems contains bees, dirt, children, prayer, bones, roads, grandmothers. What is known–about the self and about the world–is what Dickey identifies as 'civilized'. These poems celebrate the people who strike forth into the wilderness of the unknown, including the unknown in themselves. Dickey honors this unknown. In her fragmented syntax, we see shards of what might have been, but never grasp it fully.

With Dickey‘s poems as our guides, we step out into night sky, out into space, onto the wing of a plane. We step into the mystery that is the space of others’ lives–even those closest others we call family.


What others have said:

Freighted with silence, these few words bravely make their way across the pages, plumbing the depths as they go. Laressa Dickey writes “first is/ to discover a shape in the dark/ a stone in the palm of your sleep”. She goes on to uncover many shapes, many stones. These poignantly beautiful poems evoke a desire in the reader to accompany Dickey on her journey, to believe with her that “a song was boarding”.

––Kathleen Jesme, author of MOTHERHOUSE and THE PLUM-STONE GAME. More: http://kathleenjesme.blogspot.com/

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A5, approx. 14 pp. Hand-bound.

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