• Image of 111O/8
  • Image of 111O/8

Shipping November 10.

This is the eighth of ten issues of 111O, a literary journal of varying forms (which has usually, but not always, comprised one piece of prose, one image, and ten poems). This issue contains seven poems and their translations, four essays, and a reproduction of a painting.

Guillermo Parra translates José Antonio Ramos Sucre
Karen An-Hwei Lee translates herself
Yuxing Xia translates himself
Ukë Buçpapaj translates Alisa Velaj
A.K. Afferez translates Nathalie De Biasi
Neele Dellschaft translates herself
Abigail Welhouse translates Yasuhiro Yotsumoto

Essays by Metta Sáma, Racquel Goodison, Rae Paris, and Tracie Morris.

Amy Greenan, "And then we... And then it..."

The issue takes the form of a staple-bound A6 booklet, four double-sided A3 broadsides folded to A6, and a postcard. These objects are bound together with a paper band.

Edition of 250, unnumbered.